Our Sponsors

Model Academy
Model Academy was founded in 1936 and over the last 9 decades has served the community in Jammu and Kashmir by providing quality and value education to lakhs of children. It is an educational institution that has played a key role in the Kashmiri Pandit community.  Hundreds of KPs have attended this institute as students and teachers. Model Academy has stood by Kashmiri Pandits in the Jammu area. Even in 1990 many of our children found their way to this institution and exceptions were made to accommodate the financial needs of the community. Dr Arun Gupta and his family have been huge supporters of the Kashmiri Pandit community. Two of the founders of iqwat received their education from this institute. Not just the school, the engineering college MIET which is managed and run by Mr Ankur Gupta continues to play the critical role of providing higher-level technical education and again KP community is finding it quite helpful. Many of our children are doing their engineering from MIET and a number of our professionals are involved in the management of MIET. When we spoke to Ankur about the noble cause of sponsoring some of our activities at iqwat, we did not have to persuade him at all. The management of MIET and MIER was very forthcoming and supportive of our cause. We would like to express our gratitude to them and look for continued support and engagement in the future.
Chennai based Saraswathi Educational Cultural and Charitable Trust was established by Smt. Indira Gariyali for promoting education, preserving and promoting Indian culture and Vedic heritage and assisting poor and needy in 1996. It is approved by Home Ministry to receive foreign contributions and also enjoys Income Tax exemption under Section 80G. The trust has been working for displaced Kashmiri Pandits since 2017. In 2020 daughter of Indira Garyali, Smt. Chander Kanta Gariyali, created a fund within the trust for the exclusive welfare of Kashmiri Pandits and for encouraging the children and youth of the community, called ‘Vitasta Welfare Fund’ Vitasta is the original name of our sacred river on the banks of which our ancient river valley civilization thrived and which we had to leave behind in Kashmir. The Fund has been given this name so that we do not forget our roots and continue to cherish our unique culture. Vitasta Prize