Memories of KAshmir

What is Memories of Kashmir ?

As time passes, some memories fade and some stay with us very vivid and clear. As generations come and go, the glory and pain also dwindle and leftovers are passed on through generations as stories. As we migrate, by force or by choice, it moves us away from our loved ones and our neighborhoods that ingrained in us our language and culture every single moment.

Would it not be nice to have a way for each one of us individually and the community collectively to not allow passage of time, generations and or migrations to fade our memories? Would it not be nice to be able to keep them alive, fresh and always accessible beyond the boundaries of time, generations and geographies?

iqwat is very pleased to launch “Memories of Kashmir” – an initiative aimed to document and digitize our experiences and memories of the past. You can submit your stories in video, audio or written format. Written stories will be compiled in an e-book and video & audio stories will get published on iqwat platform. There will be a separate section for kids stories.

Still wondering what to share?

Jog your memory from the reference of below mentioned story ideas.

Personal Stories

They can be memories of growing up, incidents of school days, visiting matamaal, walking among the bloom of Mughal gardens, warming hands over a kangdi in the winters or just sitting together and sharing gossip over a steaming cup of kehwa.